Hf-praxis is a monthly publication for professionals in the Hf- and microwave sector who need to stay up to date on current technologies.

The magazine features new products, either as abstracts or in detailed product reviews, and provides valuable design suggestions through case studies and examples. Experienced authors from Research and Commercial break down complex basics into simple language, present the current status of technologies, highlight trends, and help with the solution of design problems through proven tips and tricks.

Hf-Praxis is internationally focused and serves as a platform for global leading companies to regularly present their newest products. We then share those announcements with our readers verbatim and as quickly as possible in section

"RF & Wireless".

Hf-Praxis is available for free by mail, primarily to qualified recepients from industry, research and distribution in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. A part of the publicaton is distributed to Middle and Northern Europe, UK and the US. The comprehensive and far reaching mailing list is updated regularly.  

The free hf shopping guide, which has been published in summer for many years now, is an unparalleled repository and guide for the entire field with a detailed product index, with current contact information of all important Hf and microwave companies in German speaking regions and with an overview of the affiliates of foreign manufacturers in Germany.
The readers of hf-praxis primarily work in development, manufacture and quality control, in customer service or sales. Research, education and teaching represent additional important market sectors. This includes, but is not limited to

  • Electronics for Air and Space travel
  • Communications electronics
  • Mobile radio equipment, base stations, antennas
  • Low power radio
  • Measuring instruments
  • Radio and television industry
  • Satellite communication
  • Research facilities


hf-praxis covers the following topics regularly. An extensive focus is additionally dedicated to each of the following topics one to two times per year; please see editorial calendar.

  • Components, sub-assemblies
  • Measuring instruments
  • EMC
  • Software
  • Telecommunication
  • Plugs, cables, casings
  • Quartz components, oscillators, filters
  • Amplifiers
  • Antennas
  • Wireless technology:
    5G/6G ,GPS, Bluetooth, LPR, ZigBee,
    UWB. Wi-Fi
  • Aerospace & Defence
  • Satellite communications


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